When buying a new home or upgrading their existing properties, security is at the forefront of any homeowner’s mind.

It’s why AT Precision has invested in a range of high-quality security hardware, enabling its fabricator customers access to the best in the market and the ability to help their own installer customers get ahead.

The Durham-based specialist now supplies the Ingenious Duplex Multi-Point lock from Ingenious Locks and Hardware, featuring five high-security opposing hooks, four adaptive rollers, and reversible centre latch.

The locks also feature serrations to allow for shootbolt extensions, up to 4mm of compression on rollers, a 16mm faceplate and a spindle size of 8mm.

AT Precision Sales Director Michael Hewitt comments: “We were looking for a bi-fold lock we could supply to our valued customers, and we knew this needed to be a cut above the rest in terms of quality, durability, design and technical support.

“After reviewing the locks available in the UK market, we were very impressed with the ingenuity, design and quality of locks from Ingenious Locks and Hardware, and adding the product to our range was an easy decision.

“Their multi-point locks have really enhanced our range of aluminium bi-fold hardware, enabling our customers access to the best in security when it comes to their hardware needs.”

In addition to the Ingenious Duplex Lock, AT Precision has also invested in its own Everglide sliding door lock, featuring either four or six bi-parting rollers with full stainless steel construction, an anti-mishandling device as standard, and a static alignment probe which also serves as an anti-lift device.

Michael continues: “Quality and security is extremely important to us at AT Precision, and we continually evaluate our hardware components to ensure we are offering our customers the best combination of quality and value.  Both the high-security Ingenious Duplex Lock and our Everglide sliding door lock offer a wealth of features and benefits that will enhance our hardware portfolio even further.”

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