In today’s competitive market, it’s vital that suppliers not only provide high-quality products, but a reliable service too, and at AT Precision, that’s exactly what customers are getting.

AT Precision

The aluminium bi-fold hardware supplier not only provides extensive product support and reliable lead times for aluminium fabricators, but also guarantees cost-saving product solutions, while a dedicated in-house team ensures consistent customer satisfaction.

Sales Director Michael Hewitt comments: “We’re of course very proud of our Everglide range of bi-fold hardware, our Everseal range of gaskets, and our aluminium profile offering, but all of that needs to go hand in hand with reliable customer service.

“We’re extremely dedicated to offering a stellar service, and so we were very proud to have achieved ISO 9001 certification earlier this year, demonstrating our ability to deliver high-quality services to customers on a consistent basis.

“One way in which we achieve great customer service is by travelling out to customers, no matter where they are in the UK, to provide product support when they need it. And while we do offer a very wide selection of products, we also ask our customers to send in any samples of products that we don’t provide, and in turn, we can have specific tooling made to make these products, ensuring our customers can always rely on us.

“This of course also provides us with ideas on how to potentially expand our permanent product range and offer an even fuller service to our customers.”

Another major way AT Precision helps its customers is with significant cost saving products – because the company manufactures all hardware items in-house, it’s able to offer them at a much lower price compared to other traditional sources of hardware, such as systems houses.

“An aluminium fabricator making 10 bi-folds per week could save up to £100 per bi-fold by coming directly to AT Precision for their hardware – that’s £1,000 a week, or £200K over four years,” Michael explains.

Earlier this year, AT Precision also invested in a new Internal Sales Coordinator, whose role is to strengthen existing customer relationships and create new ones by providing support and help whenever needed, further cementing the company’s commitment to delivering excellent customer service.

Michael concludes: “While we’re very proud of our unique product offering, customer service is really what makes AT Precision stand out from the competition – our investment in dedicated product support, consistently delivering products on time and in full, and saving our customers money all contribute to making AT Precision the supplier of choice for both product quality and customer experience.”

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