It’s every business’s objective to reduce costs while maintaining quality. Aluminium bi-fold hardware company, AT Precision, is here to help you do just that. If you’re a fabricator looking to save money, Michael Hewitt, AT Precision’s Sales Director, explains how you can get both quality hardware and save £60k a year…

While a national lockdown has left the economy struggling, the fenestration industry has been booming over the past few months.

AT Precision, an aluminium bi-fold hardware supplier, is no exception.

Quality goods

The Durham-based company started off six years ago by making mechanical brackets, and then moved on to the aluminium window industry, manufacturing cleats compatible with Smarts Systems and AluK.

They soon spotted an opportunity to expand into the bi-fold hardware market, which saw them launch their Everglide range of bi-folding door rollers, top guides, pull handles and hinges – all compatible with Smarts Systems.

Today, they are one of the leading suppliers of aluminium bi-folding door hardware, ventilation systems and cleat systems in the UK, selling to over 100 fabricators across the country.

“Our products are at the premium end of the market, but our prices are much lower, which is a real win-win for aluminium fabricators,” comments AT Precision Sales Director Michael Hewitt.

“In this current climate, fabricators are not only looking for good quality products, but affordable prices, too. And at AT Precision, that’s just what we’re offering.”

Save a fortune

In fact, by going to AT Precision, fabricators can save £60k a year, simply by re-thinking their hardware buying habits.

“Most aluminium fabricators buy their bi-fold hardware from either their systems supplier or a distributor. Buying hardware from the same source is probably quite convenient, and even buying hardware from a distributor may seem more cost-efficient, but it’s by no means the best value for money,” Michael explains.

“An aluminium fabricator making 10 bi-folds per week could save themselves £1,200 per week – or £60,000 per year – by sourcing their hardware from AT Precision. We do the math as part of the AT Precision sales pitch, and fabricators are often staggered when they see the savings they could be making.”

But AT Precision haven’t stopped there.

In this day and age, thanks to the likes of Amazon, we’re so used to instant results, which is something that hasn’t really been practical within the fenestration industry, where lead times can typically be up to a few weeks.

AT Precision, however, are bucking that trend, offering next day delivery for orders made before 1pm. In addition, delivery is free within the UK on all orders over £250.

“We’re finding this element of our service is really appreciated by our customers,” comments Michael.

“The window industry supply chain is really creaking at the moment, thanks to the current economic climate, so we’re determined to break that mould and give fabricators something they can’t get anywhere else – value for money, savings, and quick turnaround times.”

Having hit the ground running, AT Precision is planning on expanding their product range, and will be offering solutions for other aluminium systems in the not too distant future. The company will also be launching a range of gaskets and plastic components later in the year.

Michael comments: “We are delighted to be offering our customers the best hardware products, at the best costs. We look forward to helping our customers save money in the future, and seeing them grow their businesses.”

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