With a high quality range of gaskets, leading supplier AT Precision is saving fabricators thousands of pounds a year. Sales Director Michael Hewitt explains…

For over 18 months, leading aluminium bi-fold hardware supplier AT Precision has been saving fabricators a fortune.

The Durham-based company manufactures the Everglide range of bi-fold hardware, which includes rollers, top guides, pull handles, hinges, cleats and shootbolt handles, all of which are made from cast aluminium and are compatible with major systems.

And because they manufacture all products in-house, they’re able to offer them at a much more affordable price compared to other suppliers, helping fabricators to essentially cut out the middle man and save both time and money.

Best value for money

But it’s not just hardware that fabricators can save money on.

This year, AT Precision expanded its product portfolio to include Everseal, a high quality range of gaskets which offers outstanding performance and affordable pricing to aluminium fabricators across the UK.

Like the company’s hardware range, Everseal gaskets are compatible with any aluminium system on the market and are manufactured in-house using dedicated extrusion lines, saving fabricators even more money.

AT Precision Sales Director Michael Hewitt comments: “While most aluminium fabricators rely on the convenience of buying their gaskets from their systems company or supplier, it’s by no means the best value for money.

“By coming directly to us for their gaskets, aluminium fabricators can cut out the middle man and potentially save thousands of pounds a year.

“We’ve been saving fabricators money with our hardware, now our high-quality range of gaskets are saving them money too.”

AT Precision has also been asking its customers to send in samples of any gaskets it doesn’t currently provide – in return, the company will have specific tooling made and build on their stock of popular gaskets, ensuring fabricators always get the products they need.

Full range

In addition to high-quality hardware and gaskets, AT Precision also offers a wide range of plastic ancillaries, which includes injection-moulded cill end caps and adapter caps, both available in black and anthracite grey.

In addition, the company also recently invested £60K in a new high-quality range of espagnolette window handles designed to offer a modern look coupled with excellent quality and security.

Michael continues: “Thanks to our Everglide range of hardware, our Everseal range of gaskets, as well as plastic ancillaries and window handles, fabricators can source everything they need to manufacture a bi-fold door directly from AT Precision, bar the actual profile and glass.”

Trusted supplier

On top of top quality products that save fabricators money, AT Precision has remained a reliable supplier through what’s been a very challenging period for the industry.

While many suppliers battled with supply chain disruptions and material shortages, the company managed to avoid these issues by always having at least three months’ worth of stock in their warehouse.

“A combination of a factory expansion this year as well as continued strong relationships with our suppliers throughout the pandemic meant we were able to keep a large amount of stock on our premises at all times, enabling us to deliver a continuous service to our customers coupled with quick turnaround times, something which has been very hard to come by in the past two years,” says Michael.

“During this unprecedented time, fabricators are increasingly looking for reliable suppliers who will not only deliver quality products, but will deliver them on time and at an affordable price.

“By coming to AT Precision, fabricators can source everything they need, receive their products on time, and save money in the process.”

For more information, call AT Precision on 0191 581 6508, email sales@atprecision.co.uk, or visit www.atprecision.co.uk.

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