In the current trading climate, where levels of demand are sky high and limitations on supply are putting a huge strain on the industry, excellent quality control goes a long way.

That’s why leading aluminium bi-fold hardware supplier AT Precision has put stringent measures into place to ensure all its products are manufactured to the highest standard, while all deliveries are carried out seamlessly.

Sales Director Michael Hewitt comments: “Maintaining excellent quality control is paramount to us, and we’ve put strict measures into place at all levels of the production process to ensure this.

“During the manufacturing process, one in every 10 products is manually checked by a dedicated quality control member of staff.

“In addition, we photograph every palette of products before they are sent out, making certain that everything in the order is accounted for, and ensuring our customers receive exactly what they order without delay.

“We’ve never had any complaints about product quality or delivery, but at the same time, we’re always more than happy to carry out service calls. If a customer has an issue or is having trouble with one of our products, we’ll gladly travel anywhere in the UK to provide assistance.”

Working from an 18,000 square foot manufacturing facility,  AT Precision manufactures the Everglide range of bi-fold hardware, which includes rollers, top guides, pull handles, hinges, cleats and shootbolt handles, all of which are made from cast aluminium and are compatible with major systems.

All bi-fold hardware is manufactured in-house and supplied directly to fabricators, meaning customers can access high-quality products at a very affordable rate.

The company also recently installed two new extrusion lines dedicated to the production of its Everseal range of gaskets, also compatible with major systems.

Michael continues: “It’s been an extremely challenging past two years for the industry, and fabricators are having to deal with supply chain issues, material shortages, and price increases on an almost daily basis. The last thing they need is to receive poor quality products, and at AT Precision, we’ve ensured that this is never the case.

“In addition to high quality products, thanks to strong relationships with our key suppliers combined with a recent factory expansion, we’re able to keep at least three months’ worth of stock on our premises, while keeping our price increases to a minimum, meaning our customers never fall short.

“If you’re looking for high quality products at an affordable rate from a reliable supplier, then give AT Precision a call today.”

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