During turbulent market conditions, we all need a reliable supplier who doesn’t compromise on quality. Michael Hewitt, Sales Director of AT Precision, reveals the many benefits the company offers fabricators, including money saving, outstanding products, and quick turnaround times.

Most aluminium fabricators source their hardware from their systems companies – after all, going to one place for both profile and hardware is surely the quickest and the most convenient way to go about it.

But is it the most cost-effective way to do business? Not according to Michael Hewitt, Sales Director at AT Precision.

With a new state-of-the-art, 18,000 square foot factory based at their premises in Durham, AT Precision manufactures aluminium bi-fold hardware, supplying to fabricators across the country.

And because the company manufactures all their products in-house, they are able to offer them at a significantly lower price compared to systems companies.

“When fabricators come directly to us for their hardware needs, they’re avoiding the high prices offered by systems companies, essentially cutting out the middle man and saving themselves thousands of pounds a year,” says Michael.

“We’ve looked at the numbers, and have worked out that an aluminium fabricator making 10 bi-folds per week could save up to £100 per bi-fold by coming directly to AT Precision for their hardware – that’s £1,000 a week, or £200K over four years.”

Outstanding quality

But saving money isn’t the only benefit aluminium fabricators can enjoy – all businesses look for ways to save, and with AT Precision, this doesn’t mean having to sacrifice on quality.

The company uses state-of-the-art machinery to produce their Everglide range of hardware, which includes PAS24:2016 accredited bi-folding door rollers, top guides, pull handles, hinges, cleats and shootbolt handles, all of which are made from cast aluminium.

“All our products are manufactured to the highest quality, and are perfectly compatible with major systems companies, so our customers can rest assured they are getting the same, if not better, quality hardware from us, but at a much more affordable rate,” says Michael.

The expansion of their factory also made room for two new extrusion lines, allowing AT Precision to expand its product portfolio to include the high-quality Everseal range of gaskets.

Like their bi-fold hardware, these offer high-quality performance, are compatible with all aluminium systems on the market, and because they’re manufactured in-house, come at a much more affordable price compared to systems companies, saving fabricators even more money.

Reliable service

Quick turnaround times is yet another benefit AT Precision offers its customers.

While the industry is still very much battling the effects of lockdown, window and door hardware is generally in short supply.

Many businesses are still working through a backlog brought on by the pandemic combined with increased demand from consumers, meaning short lead times have become somewhat of a forgotten luxury.

But thanks to careful planning, AT Precision has managed to defuse any supply chain challenges by having at least three months’ worth of stock sat in their warehouse, enabling them to offer fabricators a reliable service during what’s very likely the most unprecedented trading period in recent history.

“There’s been a general hardware shortage across the board, but thanks to hard work behind the scenes, we’ve been able to constantly replenish our stock, and can now maintain three months’ worth of products in our warehouse,” says Michael.

“This means that we’re always overstocked – our customers can rely on us to get what they need without delay, which is something that’s pretty hard to come by in the current climate.”

Ahead of the competition

It’s clear that that making fabricators’ lives easier is at the forefront of what AT Precision does, and the company has taken this even further by offering a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee on both their Everglide and Everseal products, ensuring ultimate peace of mind.

They also promise next day delivery on orders made before 1pm, and free delivery on orders within the UK over £250.

Michael concludes: “The industry has enjoyed a welcome boom as a result of the pandemic, something which is not expected to slow down any time soon. But because of this, the supply chain has been creaking, and many have been struggling to get their hands on materials, which has made business on the whole quite unpredictable.

“During this unprecedented time, fabricators are increasingly looking for reliable suppliers who will not only deliver quality products, but deliver them on time and at an affordable price.

“At AT Precision, we’ve carefully planned ahead and found a way to deliver all these benefits, ensuring our valued customers across the UK always have the best quality products on offer, enabling them to get ahead of what is a very tough competition.”

For more information, contact AT Precision on 0191 581 6508, email sales@atprecision.co.uk, or visit www.atprecision.co.uk.

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