AT Precision has announced the launch of EcoLath, its new range of uPVC roof laths and joists.

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The EcoLath roof laths and joists are made from 100% recycled uPVC, thanks to AT Precision’s innovative new in-house recycling scheme, which involves collecting unused and unwanted uPVC offcuts from customers across the country and extruding the material using their cutting-edge extrusion machine.

Sales Director Michael Hewitt explains: “With our successful recycling scheme, we have recycled well over 50 tonnes of unused uPVC. This gave us an opportunity to venture into the roofing market with high-quality roof laths and joists.”

EcoLath uPVC roof laths and joists offer several advantages over traditional timber alternatives – they are more affordable, knot-free, resistant to rotting, warping, and bending – all qualities that make them ideal for any roofing project.

AT Precision has also utilised its recycling scheme to manufacture 100% recycled thermal reinforcement bars for windows. These bars provide enhanced thermal efficiency while offering quick installation and an impressive lifespan of 35 years.

In addition to their new range of products for the roofing industry, AT Precision continues to manufacture their Everglide range of bi-fold components such as rollers, guides, hinges as well as the Everseal range of high-quality gaskets. The company also specialises in security hardware, PVC infill extrusions, and aluminium profile for bi-folds.

Michael concludes: “We are thrilled to expand into the roofing market with our new range of EcoLath roof laths and joists. Our commitment to recycling has allowed us to create high-quality products that are not only more affordable than traditional timber alternatives, but that also offer superior durability and resistance. We look forward to serving the needs of roofers across the country with our innovative solutions.”

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